CT Reliable Property Management Services, LLC.

    CT Reliable Property Management Services offers full service residential property management for owners who wish to retain their investments, increase property value and maximize their return. We provide personal, day-to-day management of each property and are dedicated to excellence and hands-on attention to each of our clients’ property management needs. This personal involvement permits accurate and realistic commitments to clients and customers, resulting in well-maintained homes, lower vacancy levels, long-term tenants and satisfied property owners.

     Many investors think nothing of trying to manage their real estate investment themselves. What can be so difficult about keeping the grass mowed, the hallways clear and painting every so often? With all the computer programs around, the accounting part should be a piece of cake, right? It sounds easy enough until the problem arise. In reality, managing an investment property can be a time consuming and very expensive undertaking. It is not unheard of to have an emergency at the worst time of the day or on a holiday weekend. The wrong tenant mix can dramatically reduce a property’s income potential. A revengeful tenant can result in thousands of dollars in damages, with little hope of collecting on a judgment. Improper cash flow management will result in cash shortages, which results in deferred maintenance, which results in unhappy tenants, all of which results in vacancies and further worsening of the cash flow problems.

            The Leasing process is a critical component of every investment property. Leasing is handled in conjunction with our Century21 Redwood Realty friends. Our successful Real Estate marketing programs result in leasing to qualified tenants and continued high occupancy levels. CT Reliable Managers know the competitive, local markets and are very proficient at negotiating the best possible lease rates. Our attention to detail combined with a well thought out and finely planned management program sets us apart from other management companies.

     When we are first hired to manage a property, we will interview you to determine your short and long term financial goals. We then prepare a comprehensive and detailed building and market analysis. This report includes the building’s pluses and minuses compared to its competition. We make recommendations on the actions needed to correct the minuses and how to take advantage of the positive market trends to maximize the property’s income and enhance its value. Our financial reports are timely and encompassing. We use innovative methods to keep our out-of-town and out-of-country property owners fully informed of the condition of their investments.

At CT Reliable Property Management Services, we take our responsibility of managing your property seriously. Contact us today so we can explain in greater detail how you can benefit from our expertise.

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Disclosure/Disclaimer: CT Reliable Property Management Services, LLC. is an independently owned and operated company and is not affiliated in any way with the Century21 brand nor independently owned and operated Century21 Redwood Realty.